Flexible borrowing option

Borrowing money is so important in the success of any business but you want it to be at the lowest possible cost in order to maximise your capital and achieve your financial objectives.

Our extensive network of lenders range from major banks to private equity financiers, allowing us the ability to obtain the most competitive rates and achieve the most suitable structure for our clients. We can tailor our solutions and act quickly to prioritise our clients’ financial needs in this dynamic and challenging lending climate.

We have substantial experience in residential property finance and in construction lending, with access to numerous second tier and private funding options where criteria for approval is much less stringent.

We also offer business finance, asset/hire purchase, lines of credit, chattel mortgages and equipment leasing. We work closely with entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium-sized business owners. Our team is comprised of highly trained, certified and experienced financial experts who take pride in delivering a range of financial products designed to help our clients reach their financial goals.


Maximise the Use of Capital and Reduce Interest Rates

Banks will typically present you with loan options that are best for them. We do things a little differently. We provide you with the most cost-efficient business funding options that are best suited for your personal and business assets. We show you how to set up the right business structure and use the profits from your business to create a well-documented financial plan that will enable you to invest in your business by borrowing funds at the best rates with the least tax impact. For example, did you know that using your residential property as security for a business loan is less expensive than using commercial property as security?

Business & Personal Funding

SMSF Lending

Our finance professionals can assist SMSF trustees who are looking to purchase residential or commercial property through their self-managed fund and ensure the process is seamless and efficient. We can help you comply with the rules, assist to establish the required structures and secure a loan at competitive rates.

Business & Personal Funding

Business Finance

Do you have plans of starting a new business or thinking of refinancing? Are you looking to purchase a commercial property to set up or expand your current business? We provide the support you need from researching the right financial product and service that meets your needs, completing the application form and submitting documents through to funding approval – our proven track record has set our clients on the right financial path to reach their desired goals.

Business & Personal Funding

Asset/Hire Purchase

When you are looking to finance equipment, motor vehicles or other items for your business, an asset or hire purchase is one of the options we may consider for you. Our clients like the assurance of having fixed repayment fees for the duration of the contract, including an option to purchase the asset at the end. Hire purchase offers exceptional flexibility as you select the term that suits your needs, either a fixed payment or final lump sum.

Business & Personal Funding

Lines of Credit

Many businesses need help with cash flow management, especially start-ups and small businesses that are still at the initial phases of development. When there is insufficient capital, it is likely that a serious cash flow issue will arise. This type of problem has often caused several businesses to shut down – even if they appear to be generating income on paper. A business line of credit allows you to meet your obligations and investment needs, such as purchasing inventory despite fluctuations in your cash flow.

Business & Personal Funding

Chattel Mortgages

When you need to acquire vehicles and other types of equipment, chattel mortgages can be an excellent business funding solution. They are a flexible loan option that allows you to extend the duration, opt for a balloon payment or choose fixed payments for the duration of the mortgage. This is just one of many options we may recommend based on your business and financial objectives.

Business & Personal Funding

Equipment Leasing

With technology changing so rapidly, computers and general office equipment can quickly become obsolete and hinder your operations. Equipment leasing gives businesses the flexibility to attain a competitive advantage by replacing outdated machinery and equipment, ensuring that you have access to leading technology with the ability to upgrade equipment when the need arises.

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